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Eficiência de diferentes ramais de pulverização e volumes de calda no controle de Brevipalpus phoenicis na cultura do café
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Efficiency of different spraying lances and spraying volumes on the control of Brevipalpus phoenicis in coffee crops
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Efficiency of different spraying lances and spraying volumes on the control of Brevipalpus phoenicis in coffee crops. The mite Brevipalpus phoenicis is found on coffee plantations in Brazil since the 1950's. Responsible for indirect losses due to its role as vector of a virus disease, this mite species often requires control measures, the most common based on mitecide spraying. It was evaluated the mortality of B. phoenicis due the coverage of spraying liquid applied on coffee plants, with two types of lances used in air assisted sprayers and four spraying. volumes. Treatments were applied with mitecide abamectin (Vertimec 18 CE (R) at 0.4 L per hectare), in volumes of 250, 400, 550 and 700 L per hectare, with two types of lances for the nozzles. The control efficiency against B. phoenicis, deposition and coverage by spray liquid on coffee plants was evaluated. Experimental delineation was in randomized blocks, with eight treatments plus a check plot in four replications. The statistical analysis was carried in a factorial scheme 2x4+1. No significant differences in the number of mites were found between treatments. As regards spraying liquid deposition, it was observed an increment with increasing spraying volumes, with the plant tops showing the best deposition of spraying liquid. The duplication of the lances (nozzle branches) resulted in a significant increase in control efficiency for B. phoenicis compared with conventional branch and with check plot, without dependence of spraying volume.
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Revista Brasileira de Entomologia. Curitiba: Soc Brasileira Entomologia, v. 54, n. 1, p. 130-135, 2010.
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Soc Brasileira Entomologia
  • Chemical control
  • droplet size
  • sprayer
  • spraying nozzles
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