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Effect of Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gel Concentration on the Bond Strength of Dental Substrates and Resin Composite
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Purpose: This study evaluated the effect of bleaching gel containing 10%, 15% and 20% carbamide peroxide (CP) on the bond strength of dental enamel or dentin and resin composite restorations.Methods: The buccal surfaces of 12 bovine tooth crowns were conditioned with 37% phosphoric acid, and the adhesive resin Single Bond 2 and the resin composite Filtek Z350 were used to perform the restorations. The blocks were sectioned to obtain bar specimens. Each specimen group (enamel-E, dentin-D) was divided into four subgroups (n=15): S-artificial saliva; 10-10% CP bleaching; 15-15% CP bleaching; 20-20% CP bleaching. CP was applied for six hours daily for two weeks. The specimens were submitted to the a test in a universal testing machine. The data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA and the Tukey post-hoc test and a correlation analysis (r) was performed.Results: For Group E, the mean value (+/- standard-deviation) was 21.86 (+/- 6.03)a, 18.91 (+/- 8.31)ab, 15.43 (+/- 7.44)b and 10.6 (+/- 4.94)c for ES, E10, E15 and E20, respectively. For Group D, the alpha values were 34.73 (+/- 4.68)a, 35.12 (+/- 13.43)a, 29.67 (+/- 6.84)ab and 24.56 (+/- 6.54)b for DS, D10, D15 and D20, respectively. A negative correlation between the CP concentration and mean values was observed for both the enamel (r=-0.95) and dentin (r=-0.85) groups.Conclusion: In the current study, the bond strength of the restoration to enamel and the restoration to dentin were influenced by the application of CP and was dependent on the CP concentration in the bleaching gel.
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Operative Dentistry. Indianapolis: Operative Dentistry Inc, v. 35, n. 4, p. 463-469, 2010.
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Operative Dentistry Inc
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