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Modeling and simulation of cephalosporin C production in a fed-batch tower-type bioreactor
  • Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Immobilized cell utilization in tower-type bioreactor is one of the main alternatives being studied to improve the industrial bioprocess. Other alternatives for the production of beta -lactam antibiotics, such as a cephalosporin C fed-batch p recess in an aerated stirred-tank bioreactor with free cells of Cepha-losporium acremonium or a tower-type bioreactor with immobilized cells of this fungus, have proven to be more efficient than the batch profess. In the fed-batch process, it is possible to minimize the catabolite repression exerted by the rapidly utilization of carbon sources (such as glucose) in the synthesis of antibiotics by utilizing a suitable flow rate of supplementary medium. In this study, several runs for cephalosporin C production, each lasting 200 h, were conducted in a fed-batch tower-type bioreactor using different hydrolyzed sucrose concentrations, For this study's model, modifications were introduced to take into account the influence of supplementary medium flow rate. The balance equations considered the effect of oxygen limitation inside the bioparticles. In the Monod-type rate equations, eel concentrations, substrate concentrations, and dissolved oxygen were included as reactants affecting the bioreaction rate. The set of differential equations was solved by the numerical method, and the values of the parameters were estimated by the classic nonlinear regression method following Marquardt's procedure with a 95% confidence interval. The simulation results showed that the proposed model fit well with the experimental data,and based on the experimental data and the mathematical model an optimal mass flow rate to maximize the bioprocess productivity could be proposed.
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Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Totowa: Humana Press Inc., v. 91-3, p. 537-549, 2001.
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Humana Press Inc
  • cephalosperin C
  • tower-type bioreactor
  • fed-batch
  • modeling
  • simulation
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