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Avaliação de um Sistema de Produção de Gado de Corte. 1. Desempenho Reprodutivo
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Evaluation of a beef cattle production system. 1. Reproductive performance
  • Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (EMBRAPA)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Data from 1983 through 1991 on reproductive performance, collected from the Beef Cattle production system at Embrapa Gado do Corte, were analyzed. This system, based on exclusive grazing, presented a pregnancy rate (2-3 years old heifers and cows) of 75.9%. The others observed index were first calving reconception rate, 62.1%, total herd loss rate, 2.2%, and calf loss rate until weaning, 6.0%. The calf loss rate represented 53.7% of the total herd loss rate. For calf loss rate (CLR) data analysis, the used model included the effects of sex (S), calf birth year (ANB), cow birth year (ANV) and the interactions between S x ANB and ANV x ANB. Sex had a significant effect on CLR, with 8.1 and 3.8% for male and female loss rate, respectively. For calving interval analysis, the used model included the following fixed effects: ANV, birth month of cow (MNV), birth cow order when it was a calf (OPV) and the ANV x MNV interaction. The 205-day cow weight and her age at first calving were used as covariables. The calving interval was 463.45 days (15.2 mo), ranging from 388 to 543 days, and it was significantly affected by ANV. It is suggested that more research attention should be directed to the highest loss rate observed for male calves, which represent higher commercial value than females.
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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia-Brazilian Journal of Animal Science. Vicosa-mg: Revista Brasileira Zootecnia Brazilian Journal Animal Sci, v. 29, n. 6, p. 2209-2215, 2000.
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Revista Brasileira Zootecnia Brazilian Journal Animal Sci
  • beef cattle
  • Brazilian savannas
  • calving interval
  • calving rate
  • loss rate
  • production system
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