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Forum: social network for the surveillance and prevention of workplace accidents
  • Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
  • Cerest Piracicaba R Sao Francisco Assis
In 2008, academic researchers and public service officials created a university extension studies platform based on online and on-site meetings denominated "Work-Related Accidents Forum: Analysis, Prevention, and Other Relevant Aspects. Its aim was to help public agents and social partners to propagate a systemic approach that would be helpful in the surveillance and prevention of work-related accidents. This article describes and analyses such a platform. Online access is free and structured to: support dissemination of updated concepts; support on-site meetings and capacity to build educational activities; and keep a permanent space for debate among the registered participants. The desired result is the propagation of a social-technical-systemic view of work-related accidents that replaces the current traditional view that emphasizes human error and results in blaming the victims. The Forum uses an educational approach known as permanent health education, which is based on the experience and needs of workers and encourages debate among participants. The forum adopts a problematizing pedagogy that starts from the requirements and experiences of the social actors and stimulates support and discussions among them in line with an ongoing health educational approach. The current challenge is to turn the platform into a social networking website in order to broaden its links with society.
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Work-a Journal of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation. Amsterdam: IOS Press, v. 41, p. 3123-3129, 2012.
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IOS Press
  • Education
  • University Extension
  • Web page
  • Work-related accident prevention
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