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Spatial variability of infiltration and its relationship to some physical properties
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Variabilidad espacial de la infiltración y su relación con algunas propiedades físicas
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
  • Univ Estatal Maranhao
  • Univ Nacl Colombia
COLCIENCIAS (the Colombian Science, Technology and Innovation Department)
Water infiltration into soil is one of the basic factors for estimating irrigation intensity according to the plants' requirements; this is aimed at avoiding problems of surface run-off and degradation. The purpose of the present investigation was to determine the spatial variation of infiltration and its relationship to some physical properties of soil by means of geostatistical techniques in Typic Plinthaquult soils having average texture and flat relief. A 113 point mesh was designned, having a regular distance of 10 m between points, samples being taken from 0 to 0.20 meters depth. Sand, silt and clay content, bulk density, macroporosity, microporosity and total porosity were determined. Infiltration tests were carried out in the field by means of a 15 cm diameter ring. Descriptive statistics and geostatistics were used for analysing the data. Infiltration, silt and microporosity data did not fit a normal distribution curve. Infiltration had high variability, having an average 36.03 mm h(-1). Total porosity was 56.73%, this being the only property that did not show spatial dependency. The smallest ranges were observed for bulk density, macroporosity and microporosity, having values of less than 40 m. The smallest degrees of spatial dependence were observed for infiltration, silt and clay, evidence also being shown of the influence of silt and clay on infiltration rate. Contour maps were constructed; fitting them to the semivariogram models, together with studying the correlations, led to establishing relationships between the properties.
Issue Date: 
Ingenieria E Investigacion. Bogota: Univ Nac Colombia, Fac Ingenieria, v. 30, n. 2, p. 116-123, 2010.
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Univ Nac Colombia, Fac Ingenieria
  • geoestatistics
  • semivarigram
  • kriging
  • porosity
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