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Penetration of a light-cured glass ionomer and a resin sealant into occlusal fissures and etched enamel.
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
PURPOSE: To evaluate the penetration of a light-cured glass ionomer and a resin sealant into occlusal fissures and etched enamel. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty-eight maxillary and mandibular caries-free premolars scheduled for extraction for orthodontic reasons were isolated, the occlusal surfaces subjected to prophylaxis and acid-etched with orthophosphoric acid prior to the application of the VariGlass VLC glass ionomer and Concise resin sealants. The teeth were extracted, two longitudinal median sectiors from each tooth were ground to a thickness of 80-100 microns, and the sealant penetration into the fissures evaluated. The sections were placed in nitric acid to dissolve the enamel so the lengths of the tags which had penetrated into the etched enamel could be measured at different sites on the walls of the fissures. RESULTS: Both sealants adapted well to the fissures but penetrated deeper into shallow, open fissures than into deep, constricted fissures. The VariGlass VLC tags into etched enamel were generally longer than the Concise projections.
Issue Date: 
American journal of dentistry, v. 8, n. 1, p. 20-22, 1995.
Time Duration: 
  • acrylic acid resin
  • bisphenol A bis(2 hydroxypropyl) ether dimethacrylate
  • fissure sealant
  • glass ionomer
  • VariGlass VLC
  • adolescent
  • chemistry
  • child
  • clinical trial
  • comparative study
  • controlled clinical trial
  • controlled study
  • dental caries
  • endodontics
  • human
  • premolar tooth
  • viscosity
  • Acrylic Resins
  • Adolescent
  • Bicuspid
  • Bisphenol A-Glycidyl Methacrylate
  • Child
  • Dental Fissures
  • Glass Ionomer Cements
  • Humans
  • Marginal Adaptation (Dentistry)
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Viscosity
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