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Influencia da elevacao sustentada da pressao arterial sobre a dP/dt do ventriculo esquerdo mantendo-se constante a pressao diastolica do ventriculo esquerdo
Other Titles: 
Influence of sustained elevations of arterial pressure on the left ventricular dP/dt keeping constant the left ventricular end diastolic pressure
Fioretto, José Roberto
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Purpose - To evaluate the influence of sustained elevations of arterial pressure on dP/dt values, which the left ventricular end diastolic pressure was kept constant. Methods - Thirteen anesthetized dogs, mechanically ventilated and submitted to thoracotomy and pharmacological autonomic block (atropine - 0.5 mg/kg IV + oxprenolol - 3 mg/kg IV) were studied. The arterial pressure elevation was obtained by mechanical constriction of the descending thoracic aorta. Analyses were made in control (C) situation and after two successives increments of arterial pressure, sustained for 10min, called hypertension 1 (H1) and hypertension 2 (H2), respectively. The end diastolic left ventricular pressure was kept constant by utilization of a perfusion system connected to the left atria. Results - Heart rate did not change (C: 125 ± 13.9bpm; H1: 125 ± 13.5bpm; H2: 123 ± 14.1bpm; p > 0.05); the LVSP increased (C: 119 ± 8.1mmHg; H1: 142 ± 7.9mmHg; H2: 166 ± 7.7mmHg; p < 0.01); the AoDP increased (C: 89 ± 11.6mmHg; H1: 99 ± 9.5mmHg; H2: 120 ± 11.8mmHg; p < 0.01); the LVEDP (C: 6.2 ± 2.48mmHg; H1: 6.3 ± 2.43mmHg; H2: 6.1 ± 2.51mmHg; p > 0.05) and the dP/dt (C: 3068 ± 1057.1mmHg/s; 3112 ± 995.7mmHg/s; H2: 3086 ± 979.5mmHg/s; p > 0.05) did not change. Conclusion - dP/dt values are not influenced by a sustained elevation of arterial pressure, when the end diastolic left ventricular pressure is kept constant.
Issue Date: 
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia, v. 67, n. 3, p. 159-164, 1996.
Time Duration: 
  • afterload
  • dP/dt
  • Frank-Starling mechanism
  • atropine
  • oxprenolol
  • animal experiment
  • blood pressure
  • controlled study
  • heart left ventricle enddiastolic pressure
  • nonhuman
  • animal
  • dog
  • heart contraction
  • heart left ventricle function
  • heart rate
  • physiology
  • Animals
  • Blood Pressure
  • Dogs
  • Heart Rate
  • Myocardial Contraction
  • Ventricular Function, Left
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