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Propriedades de contração na madeira juvenil e adulta de Pinus taeda L.
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Properties of shrinkage in the juvenile and mature wood of Pinus taeda L.
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
This paper had the objective of studying variability of radial, tangential, longitudinal and volumetric shrinkage between the juvenile and mature wood, from a 35 year-old Pinus taeda L., from Horto Florestal of Manduri at São Paulo State, Brazil. First of all the experimental program determinations were related to the juvenile wood, region of the transition and region of the mature wood, using anatomical analysis (length of the axial tracheids), according to ABNT and IAWA codes. Results had shown that the area of juvenile wood of this species occurs approximately until the 20th growth ring, being more representative until the 12th ring. The transition area of this wood occurs between the 12th and 20th growth ring. In the second part of the work the shrinkage of the juvenile and mature wood were evaluated. Values of the radial, tangential and volumetric shrinkage were smaller and more variable on the juvenile wood. The longitudinal shrinkage did not present significant differences between the two wood types; medium values were slightly inferior and very variable on juvenile wood related to mature wood.
Issue Date: 
Scientia Forestalis/Forest Sciences, n. 64, p. 13-22, 2003.
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  • Juvenile wood
  • Mature wood
  • Pinus taeda L.
  • Shrinkage
  • Anatomical analysis
  • Growth kinetics
  • Softwoods
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Forestry
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