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A contribution for nonlinear structural dynamics characterization of cantilever beams
  • Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (IAE)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Successful experiments in nonlinear vibrations have been carried out with cantilever beams under harmonic base excitation. A flexible slender cantilever has been chosen as a convenient structure to exhibit modal interactions, subharmonic, superharmonic and chaotic motions, and others interesting nonlinear phenomena. The tools employed to analyze the dynamics of the beam generally include frequency- and force-response curves. To produce force-response curves, one keeps the excitation frequency constant and slowly varies the excitation amplitude, on the other hand, to produce frequency-response curves, one keeps the excitation amplitude fixed and slowly varies the excitation frequency. However, keeping the excitation amplitude constant while varying the excitation frequency is a difficult task with an open-loop measurement system. In this paper, it is proposed a closed-loop monitor vibration system available with the electromagnetic shaker in order to keep the harmonic base excitation amplitude constant. This experimental setup constitutes a significant improvement to produce frequency-response curves and the advantages of this setup are evaluated in a case study. The beam is excited with a periodic base motion transverse to the axis of the beam near the third natural frequency. Modal interactions and two-period quasi-periodic motion are observed involving the first and the third modes. Frequency-response curves, phase space and Poincaré map are used to characterize the dynamics of the beam.
Issue Date: 
International Congress on Noise Control Engineering 2005, INTERNOISE 2005, v. 3, p. 1950-1959.
Time Duration: 
  • Base excitation
  • Base motion
  • Chaotic motions
  • Closed-loop
  • Electromagnetic shakers
  • Excitation amplitudes
  • Excitation frequency
  • Frequency-response curves
  • Measurement system
  • Modal interactions
  • Non-linear phenomena
  • Non-linear vibrations
  • Nonlinear structural dynamics
  • Phase spaces
  • Poincare
  • Quasi-periodic motion
  • Subharmonics
  • Super-harmonic
  • Vibration systems
  • Dynamics
  • Phase space methods
  • Structural dynamics
  • Cantilever beams
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