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Immunohistochemical evaluation of e-cadherin, Ki-67 and PCNA in canine mammary neoplasias: Correlation of prognostic factors and clinical outcome
  • Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (FAMERP)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
  • Centro Universitário de Rio Preto
  • VETPAT-Laboratório de Patologia e Biologia Molecular Veterinária
  • 0100-736X
  • 1678-5150
E-cadherin is a cell-cell adhesion molecule and low e-cadherin expression is related to invasiveness and may indicate a bad prognosis in mammary neoplasms. The expression of cell proliferation markers PCNA and especially Ki-67, has also proved to have a strong prognostic value in this tumor class. The expression of these markers was related to the clinical-pathological characteristics of 73 surgically removed mammary tumors in female dogs by immunohistochemistry. There was no statistical correlation between these markers and death by neoplasm, survival time and disease-free interval. However, the loss of e-cadherin expression and marked Ki-67 expression (p=0.016) were considered statistically significant for the diagnosis (p=0.032). When evaluated as independent factors, there was evidence of the relationship between the loss of e-cadherin expression and high PCNA expression with changes in the body status (divided into obese, normal and cachectic) of female dogs (p=0.030); there was also evidence of the relationship between pseudopregnancy and e-cadherin alone (p=0.021) and for ulceration and PCNA alone (p=0.035). The significant correlation between the markers expression and these well known prognostic factors used individually or in combination suggests their prognostic value in canine mammary tumors.
Issue Date: 
Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira, v. 28, n. 4, p. 207-215, 2008.
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  • Canine
  • Cell proliferation marker
  • E-cadherin
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Mammary neoplasm
  • Canis familiaris
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