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Metacryphaeus rotundatus, um novo elemento da fauna de trilobites calmoniidae (phacopida), da formação Ponta Grossa (Devoniano), bacia do Paraná, Brasil
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Metacryphaeus rotundatus, a new element of the trilobite fauna Calmoniidae (Phacopida), of the Ponta Grossa Formation (Devonian), Parana Basin, Brazil
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Calmoniids (Delo, 1935) are the most common and abundant group of trilobites of the fossil record of the Devonian Ponta Grossa Formation in the Apucarana sub-basin. Although known since the past century, the study of calmoniids has been taxonomically and stratigraphically biased. This is because some authors centered their studies on some particular genera from a few stratigraphic horizons within the basal portion of the Ponta Grossa Formation. The analyses of 398 specimens of calmoniid trilobites of the rocks of Jaguariaiva Member of the Ponta Grossa Formation, mainly from Tibagi county in the state of Paraná, Brazil, indicate the presence of specimens that are referable to Metacryphaeus rotundatus (Kozlowski, 1923). This is the first record of M. rotundatus in Brazilian Devonian rocks. Metacryphaeus rotundatus is a conspicuous species of the Emsian rocks of the Icla Formation, Bolivia. Although the affinities of the trilobite fauna of the Devonian Paraná Basin, in the context of the Malvinokaffric realm, are with the Brazilian and South Africa provinces, this finding is in accordance with new evidence (e.g., conulariids, homalonotids trilobites), indicating the presence of cosmopolitan species with Andean affinities. Metacryphaeus rotundatus lived in a broad paleoclimatic range, from a temperate, cold temperate to a subpolar climate. Finally, in the Devonian of the Paraná Basin, M. rotundatus lived and were preserved in muddy, organic rich bottoms, deposited in offshore waters, below the storm wave base, associated to marine flooding surfaces.
Issue Date: 
Geologia USP - Serie Cientifica, v. 8, n. 1, p. 15-24, 2008.
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  • Apucarana sub-basin
  • Calmoniidae
  • Devonian
  • Metacryphaeus rotundatus
  • Paraná basin
  • Trilobita
  • arthropod
  • Emsian
  • fauna
  • new species
  • stratigraphy
  • taxonomy
  • Apucarana Basin
  • Brazil
  • Parana
  • Parana Basin
  • Ponta Grossa
  • South America
  • Tibagi
  • Conulariida
  • Homalonotidae
  • Phacopida
  • Trilobitomorpha
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