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Polyethylene gel in the subcutaneous tissue of rats: Histopathologic and systemic evaluation
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
  • University of Adelaide
  • South Australian Institute of Ophthalmology
  • 0167-6830
  • 1744-5108
Purpose: To evaluate the histological and systemic response to subcutaneous injection of polyethylene gel in rats. Methods: Twenty-one white male rats were divided into 3 groups (G): G1 and G2 received subcutaneous polyethylene gel injection in the dorsal midline and were sacrificed at 30 and 60 postoperative days, respectively. G3 was not exposed to the polyethylene gel and was sacrificed after 60 days. Blood levels of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), creatine kinase (CK), and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) were evaluated. The heart, kidney, liver, adrenal gland, injection site, and adjacent tissues were histologically examined. The results were submitted to statistical analysis. Results: There was no clinical evidence of extrusion, reduction of the injected volume, or abnormalities in the adjacent tissues. Blood levels of CK and LDH were normal and similar in all groups. ALP levels were significantly lower in G2 than in G1 and G3. The systemic organs were normal on histological examination in the 3 groups evaluated. Microscopically, the polyethylene gel was surrounded by a thin pseudocapsule formation and minimal inflammatory cell response, which decreased from G1 to G2. Conclusion: The subcutaneous injection of polyethylene gel in rats elicited minimal local inflammatory response and no systemic side effects. Copyright © 2008 Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.
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Orbit, v. 27, n. 3, p. 153-156, 2008.
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  • Histology
  • Polyethylene
  • Rats
  • Subcutaneous injections
  • Toxicity
  • alkaline phosphatase
  • biomaterial
  • creatine kinase
  • filler
  • lactate dehydrogenase
  • polyethylene
  • animal experiment
  • animal tissue
  • controlled study
  • gel
  • histopathology
  • inflammation
  • male
  • nonhuman
  • rat
  • statistical analysis
  • subcutaneous tissue
  • systemic disease
  • Animals
  • Biocompatible Materials
  • Biopsy, Needle
  • Disease Models, Animal
  • Gels
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Injections, Subcutaneous
  • Male
  • Prostheses and Implants
  • Random Allocation
  • Rats, Wistar
  • Reference Values
  • Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Skin Absorption
  • Subcutaneous Tissue
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