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Improving the grid operation and reliability cost of distribution systems with dispersed generation
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
In this work, a mathematical model to analyze the impact of the installation and operation of dispersed generation units in power distribution systems is proposed. The main focus is to determine the trade-off between the reliability and operational costs of distribution networks when the operation of isolated areas is allowed. In order to increase the system operator revenue, an optimal power flow makes use of the different energy prices offered by the dispersed generation connected to the grid. Simultaneously, the type and location of the protective devices initially installed on the protection system are reconfigured in order to minimize the interruption and expenditure of adjusting the protection system to conditions imposed by the operation of dispersed units. The interruption cost regards the unsupplied energy to customers in secure systems but affected by the normal tripping of protective devices. Therefore, the tripping of fuses, reclosers, and overcurrent relays aims to protect the system against both temporary and permanent fault types. Additionally, in order to reduce the average duration of the system interruption experienced by customers, the isolated operation of dispersed generation is allowed by installing directional overcurrent relays with synchronized reclose capabilities. A 135-bus real distribution system is used in order to show the advantages of using the mathematical model proposed. © 1969-2012 IEEE.
Issue Date: 
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, v. 28, n. 3, p. 2485-2496, 2013.
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  • Distributed power generation
  • optimization methods
  • power system protection
  • power system reliability
  • smart grids
  • Directional over-current relays
  • Dispersed Generation
  • Dispersed generation units
  • Optimization method
  • Power distribution system
  • Power system protection
  • Power system reliability
  • Smart grid
  • Electric load distribution
  • Electric power system protection
  • Electric relays
  • Local area networks
  • Mathematical models
  • Costs
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