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Corn (Zea mays L.) cultivars tolerance to nicosulfuron
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
The effects of nicosulfuron on morphological, yield and growth characteristics and the histological modifications in the leaf blade were evaluated for eight corn cultivars: landrace popcorn, ESALQ-popcorn, Piranao, DSCC-Architecture, ESALQ VF7, ESALQ VD8, JAB 01F and JAB 02D. The experimental de sign was a randomized complete block with three replications in a factorial arrangement. Plots were four rows wide and 6.00m long with 0.90m spacing between rows and 0.20m between plants. Nicosulfuron was applied at the dose of 160 g a.i.ha(-1), when the plants was 25 cm high and has 5-6 expanded leaves. Nicosulfuron significantly reduced plant height at silking and the Final plant stand. There was also a significant reduction for plant height at 47 clays after sowing, for number of leaves, ear position. ear height, grain yield, ear weight and total number of ears due to nicosulfuron. The cultivars JAB 01 and JAB 02 were the least affected by the herbicide with similar yields to those of the control group, showing good tolerance to nicosulfuron. The leaves injury symptoms for all the studied cultivars consisted of chlorosis and puckering of the blades from the expanding central leaves of the plant at 7 days after application. Anatomical alterations in the epidermis due to the herbicide consisted of an increase in number and size of the bulliform cells and in the suppression of the epidermal cells in the epidermis and in the nearby of the vascular bundles. Some parenchymatic cells became voluminous and devoid of chloroplasts. SEM examination revealed a loss of bilateral symmetry of the stomata and disappearance of the subsidiary cells from the stomata near the midrib at the adaxial surface.
Issue Date: 
Maydica. Bergamo: Maydica-ist Sper Cerealicoltur, v. 45, n. 4, p. 327-334, 2000.
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Maydica-ist Sper Cerealicoltur
  • herbicide injury
  • postemergence
  • leaf anatomy
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