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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Sep-2005outro5alpha-reductase 2 inhibition impairs brain defeminization of male rats: Reproductive aspectsRibeiro, C. M.;Pereira, OCM
1-Mar-2005outroReproductive and sexual behavior changes in male rats exposed perinatally to picrotoxinYasuhara, F.;Kempinas, W. G.;Pereira, OCM
1-Jul-2011outroEffects of magnesium intake deficiency on bone metabolism and bone tissue around osseointegrated implantsBelluci, Marina Montosa;Giro, Gabriela;Landazuri del Barrio, Ricardo Andres;Rodrigues Pereira, Rosa Maria;Marcantonio, Elcio;Orrico, Silvana Regina Perez
1-Aug-2011outroHigh-Intensity Resistance Training with Insufficient Recovery Time Between Bouts Induce Atrophy and Alterations in Myosin Heavy Chain Content in Rat Skeletal MuscleAlves de Souza, Rodrigo Wagner;Aguiar, Andreo Fernando;Carani, Fernanda Regina;Rocha Campos, Gerson Eduardo;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Silva, Maeli Dal Pai
1-Apr-2006outroNeuroendocrine and reproductive aspects of adult male rats exposed neonatally to an antiestrogenGerardin, DCC;Bemardi, M. M.;Moreira, E. G.;Pereira, OCM
1-Jul-2003outroCholinergic responses of seminal vesicles isolated from rats exposed perinatally to hydrocortisonePereira, OCM;Yasuhara, F.;Arena, A. C.
1-Jul-2005outroMyocardial dysfunction induced by food restriction is related to morphological damage in normotensive middle-aged ratsSugizaki, M.;Carvalho, R. F.;Aragon, F. F.;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Okoshi, Katashi;Okoshi, Marina Politi;Zanati, S. G.;Dal Pai-Silva, M.;Novelli, ELB;Cicogna, Antonio Carlos
1-Aug-2003outroEffects of prenatal hydrocortisone acetate exposure on fertility and sexual behavior in male ratsPereira, OCM;Arena, A. C.;Yasuhara, F.;Kempinas, W. G.
1-Oct-1999outroThe importance of androgen on noradrenergic responses of vas deferens isolated from acutely stressed ratsSouza, MSS;Pereira, OCM
1-Jul-2003outroMyocardial dysfunction induced by food restriction is related to calcium cycling and beta-adrenergic system changesGut, Ana Lúcia;Okoshi, Marina Politi;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Aragon, F. F.;Cicogna, Antonio Carlos