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Recent Submissions
Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
15-Dec-1997outroHost specificity of sheep and cattle nematodes in São Paulo state, BrazilAmarante, AFT;Bagnola, J.;Amarante, MRV;Barbosa, M. A.
1-Oct-1999outroDopamine receptor D2 maps to bovine chromosome 15Amarante, MRV;Lopes, C. R.;Womack, J. E.
1-Oct-1998outroFertility of rat epididymal sperm after chemically and surgically induced sympathectomyKempinas, W. D.;Suarez, J. D.;Roberts, N. L.;Strader, L. F.;Ferrell, J.;Goldman, J. M.;Narotsky, M. G.;Perreault, S. D.;Evenson, D. P.;Ricker, D. D.;Klinefelter, G. R.
1-Jan-1998outroDeterminação da demanda química de oxigênio em águas por espectrofotometria simultânea dos íons crômio(III) e dicromatoGRANER, Celso Augusto Fessel;ZUCCARI, Maria Lúcia;PINHO, Sheila Zambello de
1-Nov-1998outroRisk assessment of cadmium toxicity on hepatic and renal tissues of ratsNovelli, ELB;Vieira, E. P.;Rodrigues, N. L.;Ribas, B. O.
1-Jun-1998outroDifferential benthic occupation by crabs in the Ubatuba bay, São Paulo, BrazilNegreiros-Fransozo, M. L.;Nakagaki, J. M.
1-Nov-1998outroPopulation structure and reproductive period of the tropical hermit crab Calcinus tibicen (Decapoda : Diogenidae) in the region of Ubatuba, São Paulo, BrazilFransozo, A.;Mantelatto, FLM
1-Jun-1998outroSexual maturity of the speckled swimming crab Arenaeus cribrarius (Lamarck, 1818) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Portunidae), in the Ubatuba Littoral, São Paulo state, BrazilPinheiro, MAA;Fransozo, A.
1-Oct-1999outroTemporal and spatial variability in the macrozoobenthic community along a salinity gradient in the Castillos Lagoon (Uruguay)Jorcin, A.
1-Apr-1999outroMorphology, ultramorphology and histology of ovaries of workers and mated queens of Pachycondyla striata ants (Hymenoptera : Ponerinae)Thiele, E.;Camargo-Mathias, M. I.