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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Apr-2001outroEffects of chemical disinfectants on flexural properties of denture base resinsPavarina, Ana Claudia;Machado, Ana Lucia;Giampaolo, E. T.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
1-Apr-2001outroEffects of disinfectants on hardness and surface characteristics of acrylic resinMachado, Ana Lucia;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Giampaolo, E. T.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
1-May-2001outroA simple method to detect undercuts during tooth preparation for fixed prosthodonticsLeles, C. R.;Compagnoni, Marco Antonio
1-May-2000outroEvaluation of the hydrolytic dehydration of indirect composite resinsCarreiro, AFP;Valverde, G. B.;Fonseca, Renata Garcia;Cruz, CAS
1-Apr-2001outroCompressive strength of indirect composites after immersion in waterCarreiro, AFP;Cruz, CAS
1-Sep-2008outroEffect of microwave disinfection on the bond strength of denture teeth to acrylic resinsRibeiro, Roberta Chuqui;Giampaolo, Eunice Teresinha;Machado, Ana Lucia;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Pavarina, Ana Claudia
1-Mar-2008outroAccuracy of impression and pouring techniques for an implant-supported prosthesisDel'Acqua, Marcelo Antonialli;Arioli-Filho, Joao Neudenir;Compagnoni, Marco Antonio;Mollo Junior, Francisco de Assis
1-Sep-2009outroOral Hygiene Indirect Instruction and Periodic Reinforcements: Effects on Index Plaque in SchoolchildrenRodrigues, Jonas Almeida;dos Santos, Patricia Aleixo;Baseggio, Wagner;Milori Corona, Silmara Aparecida;Palma-Dibb, Regina Guenka;Nordi Sasso Garcia, Patricia Petromilli
1-Apr-2009outroThe Influence of Calcium Chloride on the Setting Time, Solubility, Disintegration, and pH of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and White Portland Cement with a RadiopacifierBortoluzzi, Eduardo Antunes;Broon, Norberto Juarez;Bramante, Clovis Monteiro;Felippe, Wilson Tadeu;Tanomaru Filho, Mario;Esberard, Roberto Miranda
1-Aug-2009outroRoot canal treatment of three-rooted maxillary second premolars: Report of four casesBarros, Danilo Barbosa;Guerreiro Tanomaru, Juliane Maria;Tanomaru-Filho, Mario