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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Feb-2009outroStructure of the Lining Epithelium of the Cauda Epididymis of the Golden HamsterBeu, C. C. L.;Orsi, A. M.;Domeniconi, R. F.
1-Jul-2008outroMultiple pleurograms in Chamaecrista moench (Leguminosae, caesalpinioideae)De-Paula, Orlando Cavalari;Trombert Oliveira, Denise Maria
2-Oct-2000outroThe sympathetic adrenomedullary system, but not the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, participates in aorta adaptive response to stress: nitric oxide involvementNavarro-Oliveira, C. M.;Vassilieff, V. S.;Cordellini, S.
1-Sep-2001outroAntiulcerogenic and analgesic effects of Maytenus aquifolium, Sorocea bomplandii and Zolernia ilicifoliaGonzalez, F. G.;Portela, T. Y.;Stipp, E. J.;Di Stasi, L. C.
1-Mar-2003outroEffects of neonatal clomiphene citrate on fertility and sexual behavior in male ratsPereira, OCM;Coneglian-Marise, MSP;Gerardin, DCC
1-Jul-2000outroDecrease in sperm number after treatment of rats with Austroplenckia populneaMazaro, R.;Di Stasi, L. C.;Vieira, S. A.;Kempinas, W. D.
1-Dec-2001outroEmbryo transfer in Bos indicus cattleBarros, C. M.;Nogueira, MFG
15-Aug-2002outroStructural and functional characterization of an acidic platelet aggregation inhibitor and hypotensive phospholipase A(2) from Bothrops jararacussu snake venomAndriao-Escarso, S. H.;Soares, A. M.;Fontes, MRM;Fuly, A. L.;Correa, FMA;Rosa, J. C.;Greene, L. J.;Giglio, JR
1-Jan-2006outroGrowth and photosynthetic down-regulation in Coffea arabica in response to restricted root volumeRonchi, Claudio P.;DaMatta, Fabio M.;Batista, Karine D.;Moraes, Gustavo A. B. K.;Loureiro, Marcelo E.;Ducatti, Carlos
8-Oct-2004outroSeasonal changes in vegetative growth and photosynthesis of Arabica coffee treesSilva, E. A.;DaMatta, F. M.;Ducatti, C.;Regazzi, A. J.;Barros, R. S.