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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Dec-2007outroPreliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of a tetrameric phospholipase A(2) formed by two isoforms of crotoxin B from Crotalus durissus terrificus venomMarchi-Salvador, D. P.;Correa, L. C.;Salvador, G. H. M.;Magro, A. J.;Oliveira, C. Z.;Iulek, J.;Soares, A. M.;Fontes, M. R. M.
1-Aug-2009outroComparative structural studies on Lys49-phospholipases A(2) from Bothrops genus reveal their myotoxic sitedos Santos, Juliana I.;Soares, Andreimar Martins;Fontes, Marcos R. M.
1-Apr-2008outroCrystal structure of a myotoxic Asp49-phospholipase A(2) with low catalytic activity: Insights into Ca2+ -independent catalytic mechanismCorrea, Luiz C.;Marchi-Salvador, Daniela P.;Cintra, Adelia C. O.;Sampaio, Suely V.;Soares, Andreimar A.;Fontes, Marcos R. M.
15-Aug-2008outroInsights into the role of oligomeric state on the biological activities of crotoxin: crystal structure of a tetrameric phospholipase A(2) formed by two isoforms of crotoxin B from Cratalus durissus terrificus venomMarchi-Salvador, Daniela P.;Correa, Luiz C.;Magro, Angelo J.;Oliveira, Clayton Z.;Soares, Andreimar M.;Fontes, Marcos R. M.
7-Mar-2008outroStable carbon (delta(13)C) and nitrogen (delta(15)N) isotopes as natural indicators of live and dry food in Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg, 1887) larval tissueJomori, Rosangela Kiyoko;Ducatti, Carlos;Carneiro, Dalton Jose;CeliaPortella, Maria
1-Jan-2009outroEffect of follicle size on mRNA expression in cumulus cells and oocytes of Bos indicus: an approach to identify marker genes for developmental competenceCaixeta, Ester Siqueira;Ripamonte, Paula;Franco, Mauricio Machaim;Buratini Junior, Jose;Nunes Dode, Margot Alves
1-Jan-2009outroFish ladders select fish traits on migration - still a growing problem for natural fish populationsVolpato, Gilson Luiz;Barreto, Rodrigo Egydio;Marcondes, Ana Lucia;Andrade Moreira, Paula Sueli;de Barros Ferreira, Magali Fatima
1-Jan-2008outroTime-place learning in food-restricted Nile tilapiaDelicio, Helton Carlos;Barreto, Rodrigo Egydio
1-Jan-2008outroChronic social stress in rainbow trout: Does it promote physiological habituation?Fernandes-de-Castilho, Marisa;Pottinger, Tom G.;Volpato, Gilson Luiz
1-Jan-2008outroBehavioral response of Nile tilapia to an allopatric predatorFreitas, R. H. A.;Volpato, Gilson Luiz