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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jul-2009outroEffect of essential oil from Citrus aurantium and its main compound limonene on quantity of PGE2 and mucus production in gastric mucosaMoraes, T. M.;Hiruma-Lima, Clélia Akiko
1-Feb-2009outroInfluence of a Fluoridated Medium with Different pHs on Commercially Pure Titanium-Based ImplantsSartori, Rafael;Correa, Cassia Bellotto;Marcantonio, Elcio;Vaz, Luis Geraldo
1-Jul-2009outroQuality of life after tongue cancer treatment: Patient's expectations about oral rehabilitationPereira, T.;Neto, J. Fanton;Pastore, G. P.;Berto, J. C.;Navarro, Cláudia Maria
1-Mar-2008outroSuccess rate of immediate nonfunctional loaded single-tooth implants: Immediate versus delayed implantationRibeiro, Fernando Salimon;Pontes, Ana Emilia Farias;Marcantonio, Elcio;Piattelli, Adriano;Neto, Rodolfo Jorge Boeck;Marcantonio, Elcio
8-Jun-2007outro5-HT2 and 5-HT3 receptors in the lateral parabrachial nucleus mediate opposite effects on sodium intakeDe Gobbi, J. I. F.;Martinez, G.;Barbosa, S. P.;Beltz, T. G.;De Luca, L. A.;Thunhorst, R. L.;Johnson, A. K.;Menani, José Vanderlei
1-May-2002outroRole of nitric oxide and beta-adrenoceptors of the central nervous system on the salivary flow induced by pilocarpine injection into the lateral ventricleSaad, W. A.;Guarda, IFMS;Guarda, R. S.;Camargo, LAD;dos Santos, TAFB;Simoes, S.
1-Sep-2006outroIn vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo-biocompatibility of contemporary resin-modified glass-ionomer cementsSouza, Pedro P. C.;Aranha, Andreza M. F.;Hebling, Josimeri;Giro, Elisa M. A.;de Souza Costa, Carlos A.
1-Apr-2002outroIngestion of hypertonic NaCl vs. palatable drinks by sodium-depleted ratsNozaki, P. N.;Pereira, DTB;Moura, F. V.;Menani, José Vanderlei;De Luca, L. A.
13-Oct-2000outroSerotonergic mechanisms of the lateral parabrachial nucleus on DOCA-induced sodium intakeDe Gobbi, JIF;De Luca, L. A.;Menani, José Vanderlei
1-May-2000outroCurrent status of pulp capping with dentin adhesive systems: a reviewCosta, CAD;Hebling, J.;Hanks, C. T.