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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jan-2003outroBrain serotonin blockade and paradoxical salt intake in ratsDe Luca, L. A.;Barbosa, S. P.;Menani, José Vanderlei
1-Apr-2001outroThe effect of the fluoridation of the water supply in the prevalence of dental fluorosis with schoolchildren from BarretosTanimoto, MEK;Lia, Raphael Carlos Comelli;Valsecki, A.;Oliveira, Maria Rita Brancini de;Scuoteguazza, JAC
9-Oct-2008outroActivation of the serotonergic 5-HT1A receptor in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus inhibits water intake and increases urinary excretion in water-deprived ratsVilla, Patricia de Souza;Menani, José Vanderlei;Pavan de Arruda Camargo, Gabriela Maria;Arruda Camargo, Luiz Antonio de;Saad, Wilson Abrao
1-Aug-2009outroScanning electron microscopy evaluation of the hard tissue barrier after pulp capping with calcium hydroxide, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) or ProRoot MTAReston, Eduardo Galia;de Souza Costa, Carlos Alberto
1-Jun-2008outroResponse of human pulps capped with different self-etch adhesive systemsAccorinte, M. L. R.;Loguercio, A. D.;Reis, A.;Costa, Carlos Alberto de Souza
1-Mar-2003outroShear bond strength of aesthetic materials bonded to Ni-Cr alloyAlmilhatti, H. J.;Giampaolo, E. T.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Machado, Ana Lucia;Pavarina, Ana Claudia
1-Oct-2009outroMicrowave Disinfection of Complete Dentures Contaminated In Vitro with Selected BacteriaDovigo, Lívia Nordi;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Ribeiro, Daniela Garcia;de Oliveira, Juliana Aparecida;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Machado, Ana Lucia
1-Mar-2009outroThe occurrence of porosity in reline acrylic resins. Effect of microwave disinfectionRocha Novais, Polyanna Maria;Giampaolo, Eunice Teresinha;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Machado, Ana Lucia;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Jorge, Janaina Habib
1-Aug-2009outroTHE SERVICE LIFE of IMPLANT-RETAINED OVERDENTURE ATTACHMENT SYSTEMSPigozzo, Monica Nogueira;Mesquita, Marcelo Ferraz;Pessanha Henriques, Guilherme Elias;Vaz, Luis Geraldo
1-Nov-2008outroThe center of the incisive papilla for the selection of complete denture maxillary anterior teeth in 4 racial groupsVarjao, Fabiana Mansur;Nogueira, Sergio Sualdini;Arioli Filho, João Neudenir