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Recent Submissions
Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jul-2006outroEffect of dentin conditioning time on nanoleakageDuarte, S.;Perdigao, J.;Lopes, M. M.
1-May-2004outroImmediate reconstruction of frontal sinus fractures: review of 26 casesGabrielli, M. F. R.;Gabrielli, M. A. C.;Vieira, Eduardo Hochuli;Pereira-Fillho, V. A.
1-Jun-2000outroComposite surfaces after finishing and polishing techniquesTurssi, C. P.;Saad, JRC;Duarte, SLL;Rodrigues, A. L.
1-May-2000outroTranslucency analysis of restorative aesthetic materials: effect of bleaching agents in terms of timePozzobon, R. T.;Candido, MSM;Rodrigues, A. L.
1-Dec-2009outroEffect of different dental composite resins on the polymerization processRodrigues, T. P.;Rastelli, Alessandra Nara de Souza;Andrade, M. F.;Saad, José Roberto Cury
1-Oct-2009outroClinical Efficiency of Low-Level Diode Laser in Reducing Dentin HypersensitivityClavijo, E. M. A.;Clavijo, V. R. G.;Bandeca, Matheus Coelho;Nadalin, M. R.;Andrade, M. F.;Saad, José Roberto Cury;Pelegrine, A. A.
1-Oct-2008outropH changes after manual or ultrasonic instrumentation and smear layer removal with EDTA or ultrasonicZampronio, Camila Fonseca;Sivieri-Araujo, Gustavo;Bonetti-Filho, Idomeo;Camargo Villela Berbert, Fabio Luiz
1-Feb-2009outroQuantitative Analysis of Placental Vasculature by Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasonography in Normal Pregnancies From 12 to 40 Weeks of Gestationde Paula, C. F. S.;Ruano, R.;Campos, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini;Zugaib, M.
1-Nov-2008outroPlacental Volumes Measured by 3-Dimensional Ultrasonography in Normal Pregnancies From 12 to 40 Weeks' GestationSilva de Paula, Carla Fagundes;Ruano, Rodrigo;Duarte Bonini Campos, Juliana Alvares;Zugaib, Marcelo
1-Jan-2002outroPeroxidase and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activities, phenolic acid contents, and allelochemicals-inhibited root growth of soybeanHerrig, V;De Lourdes, M.;Ferrarese, MDL;Suzuki, L. S.;Rodrigues, J. D.;Ferrarese, O.