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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jun-2007outroInvolvement of central alpha(1)- and mu(2)-adrenoceptors on cardiovascular responses to moxonidineMoreira, Thiago S.;Takakura, Ana C.;Menani, José Vanderlei;Colombari, Eduardo
17-Oct-2003outroCentral moxonidine on salivary gland blood flow and cardiovascular responses to pilocarpineMoreira, T. S.;Takakura, ACT;Colombari, Eduardo;De Luca, L. A.;Renzi, Antonio;Menani, José Vanderlei
1-Apr-2001outroRole of the alpha(1)- and alpha(2)-adrenoceptors of the paraventricular nucleus on the water and salt intake, renal excretion, and arterial pressure induced by angiotensin II injection into the medial septal areaCamargo, LAD;Saad, W. A.
15-May-2004outroEffects of angiotensin and vasopressin V-1 receptors on water and sodium intake induced by injection of vasopressin into lateral septal areaMima, EGO;Andrade, R. R.;Camargo, LAA;Saad, W. A.
24-Mar-2004outroCentral inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis blocks the cardiovascular responses induced by moxonidine in anesthetized ratsMoreira, T. S.;Takakura, ACT;Sato, M. A.;Menani, José Vanderlei;Colombari, Eduardo
28-Oct-2009outroRole of the medial septal area on pilocarpine-induced salivary secretion and water intakePaulin, Renata Fabris;Menani, José Vanderlei;Colombari, Eduardo;Paula, Patricia Maria de;Almeida Colombari, Debora Simoes
13-Aug-2008outroOpioid activation in the lateral parabrachial nucleus induces hypertonic sodium intakeDe Oliveira, L. B.;De Luca, L. A.;Menani, José Vanderlei
1-Oct-2005outroEffect of microwave disinfection on the flexural strength of hard chairside reline resinsPavarina, Ana Claudia;Neppelenbroek, K. H.;Guinesi, A. S.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Machado, Ana Lucia;Giampaolo, E. T.
1-Dec-2001outroBonding strength between a hard chairside reline resin and a denture base material as influenced by surface treatmentLeles, C. R.;Machado, Ana Lucia;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Giampaolo, E. T.;Pavarina, Ana Claudia
1-Feb-2005outroHardness of heat-polymerized acrylic resins after disinfection and long-term water immersionNeppelenbroek, K. H.;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Giampaolo, E. T.