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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jul-2003outroThe effect of disinfectant solutions on the hardness of acrylic resin denture teethPavarina, Ana Claudia;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Machado, Ana Lucia;Giampaolo, E. T.;Teraoka, M. T.
1-Apr-2001outroShear bond strength of esthetic materials bonded to cast alloyAlmilhatti, H. J.;Giampaolo, E. T.;Machado, Ana Lucia;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
1-Apr-2001outroVertical dimension of occlusion in complete dentures polimerized by microwaveBarbosa, D. B.;Compagnoni, M.;Leles, C. R.
1-Apr-2001outroEvaluation of resin cements film thicknessVarjao, F. M.;Segalla, JCM;Beloti, A. M.;Andrade, LHE;Cruz, CAS
1-Mar-2009outroMaxillary complete denture movement during chewing in mandibular removable partial denture wearersde Souza, Raphael Freitas;Marra, Julie;Pero, Ana Carolina;Regis, Romulo Rocha;Compagnoni, Marco Antonio;Paleari, Andre Gustavo
1-Dec-2009outroImmunohistochemical detection of estrogen receptor beta in alveolar bone cells of estradiol-treated female rats: possible direct action of estrogen on osteoclast life spanCruzoe-Souza, Mady;Cerri, Estela Sasso;Cerri, Paulo Sérgio
1-Sep-2009outroFactors affecting on bond strength of glass fiber post cemented with different resin cements to root canalClavijo, V. R. G.;Bandeca, Matheus Coelho;Calixto, L. R.;Nadalin, M. R.;Saade, E. G.;Oliveira-junior, O. B.;Andrade, M. F.
1-May-2009outroEvaluation of Ultrasonic and ErCr:YSGG Laser Retrograde Cavity Preparationde Faria-Junior, Norberto Batista;Tanoymaru-Filho, Mario;Guerreiro-Tanomaru, Juliane Maria;Leonardo, Renato de Toledo;Camargo Villela Berbert, Fabio Luiz
1-Mar-2009outroThe effects of canal preparation and filling on the incidence of dentinal defectsShemesh, H.;Bier, C. A. S.;Wu, M. -K.;Tanomaru-Filho, M.;Wesselink, P. R.
1-Nov-2009outroInfluence of Er:YAG laser on surface treatment of aged composite resin to repair restorationRossato, D. M.;Bandeca, Matheus Coelho;Saade, E. G.;Lizarelli, R. F. Z.;Bagnato, V. S.;Saad, José Roberto Cury