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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Apr-2013outroXylo-oligosaccharides from lignocellulosic materials: Chemical structure, health benefits and production by chemical and enzymatic hydrolysisCarvalho, Ana Flávia Azevedo;Oliva Neto, Pedro de;da Silva, Douglas Fernandes;Pastore, Gláucia Maria
1-Apr-2013outroMorphological and Genomic Differences Between Cutting and Racing Lines of Quarter HorsesMeira, Camila Tângari;Curi, Rogerio Abdallah;Silva, Josineudson Augusto II Vasconcelos;Monteiro Corrêa, Marcio José;Nunes de Oliveira, Henrique;Silveira da Mota, Marcilio Dias
1-Apr-2013outroProtective effect of mannan oligosaccharides against early colonization by Salmonella Enteritidis in chicks is improved by higher dietary threonine levelsSantos, E. G.;Costa, F. G P;Silva, J. H V;Martins, T. D D;Figueiredo-Lima, D. F.;Macari, Marcos;Oliveira, C. J B;Givisiez, P. E N
20-Apr-2013outroKi-67 labeling in canine perianal glands neoplasms: A novel approach for immunohistological diagnostic and prognosticPereira, Rodrigo Storti;Schweigert, Augusto;Melo, Guilherme Dias de;Fernandes, Fernando Vissani;Sueiro, Felipe Augusto Ruiz;Machado, Gisele Fabrino
1-Aug-2013outroA meta-analytical study about the relation of blood plasma addition in diets for piglets in the post-weaning and productive performance variablesRemus, A.;Andretta, I.;Kipper, M.;Lehnen, C. R.;Klein, C. C.;Lovatto, P. A.;Hauschild, L.
1-Aug-2013outroLocalization patterns of steroid and luteinizing hormone receptors in the corpus luteum of Nelore (Bos taurus indicus) cows throughout the estrous cycleMartin, Ian;Rodrigues, Marcela Marcondes Pinto;Fujihara, Caroline Junko;Marques Filho, Wolff Camargo;Oba, Eunice;Laufer-Amorim, Renée;Ferreira, João Carlos Pinheiro
1-Aug-2013outroA high-resolution radiation hybrid map of the river buffalo major histocompatibility complex and comparison with BoLAStafuzza, N. B.;Greco, A. J.;Grant, J. R.;Abbey, C. A.;Gill, C. A.;Raudsepp, T.;Skow, L. C.;Womack, J. E.;Riggs, P. K.;Amaral, M. E J
1-Sep-2013outroFruit color and contrast in seasonal habitats - a case study from a cerrado savannaCamargo, Maria Gabriela G.;Cazetta, Eliana;Schaefer, H. Martin;Morellato, L. Patrícia C.
25-Jul-2013outroEquine tendonitis therapy using mesenchymal stem cells and platelet concentrates: A randomized controlled trialCarvalho, Armando de Mattos;Badial, Peres Ramos;Álvarez, Luis Emiliano Cisneros;Yamada, Ana Lucia Miluzzi;Borges, Alexandre Secorun;Deffune, Elenice;Hussni, Carlos Alberto;Alves, Ana Liz Garcia
1-Aug-2013outroNursing regimens: Effects on body condition, return to postpartum ovarian cyclicity in Santa Ines ewes, and performance of lambsAscari, I. J.;Alves, A. C.;Pérez, J. R O;Lima, R. R.;Garcia, I. F F;Nogueira, G. P.;Junqueira, F. B.;Castro, T. R.;Aziani, W. L B;Alves, N. G.