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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Apr-2013outroPrincipal components and factor analytic models for birth to mature weights in Nellore cattleBoligon, A. A.;Bignardi, A. B.;Mercadante, M. E Z;Lôbo, R. B.;Albuquerque, L. G.
1-Apr-2013outroPersistent efficacy of 3.5% doramectin compared to 3.15% ivermectin against gastrointestinal nematodes in experimentally-infected cattle in BrazilLopes, Welber Daniel Zanetti;dos Santos, Thaís Rabelo;Sakamoto, Claudio A.M.;de Lima, Roberto Cesar Araújo;Valarelli, Rodrigo Lechugo;Paiva, Pablo;da Costa, Alvimar José
1-Apr-2013outroHormonal treatment of dairy goats affected by hydrometra associated or not with ovarian follicular cystSouza, J. M G;Maia, A. L R S;Brandão, F. Z.;Vilela, C. G.;Oba, Eunice;Bruschi, J. H.;Fonseca, J. F.
5-Apr-2013outroBone marrow aspirate combined with low-level laser therapy: A new therapeutic approach to enhance bone healingNagata, Maria J.H.;Santinoni, Carolina S.;Pola, Natália M.;De Campos, Natália;Messora, Michel R.;Bomfim, Suely R.M.;Ervolino, Edilson;Fucini, Stephen E.;Faleiros, Paula L.;Garcia, Valdir Gouveia;Bosco, Álvaro Francisco
1-Mar-2013outroEnhanced nicotine-seeking behavior following pre-exposure to repeated cocaine is accompanied by changes in BDNF in the nucleus accumbens of ratsLeão, Rodrigo M.;Cruz, Fábio C.;Carneiro-De-Oliveira, Paulo E.;Rossetto, Daniella B.;Valentini, Sandro Roberto;Zanelli, Cleslei Fernando;Planeta, Cleopatra da Silva
9-Apr-2013outroNF-kB overexpression and decreased immunoexpression of AR in the muscular layer is related to structural damages and apoptosis in cimetidine-treated rat vas deferensKoshimizu, Juliana Y.;Beltrame, Flávia L.;Pizzol, José P. de;Cerri, Paulo Sérgio;Caneguim, Breno H.;Cerri, Estela Sasso
19-Apr-2013outroDigestibility, fermentation and rumen microbiota of crossbred heifers fed diets with different soybean oil availabilities in the rumenFiorentini, G.;Messana, J. D.;Dian, P. H M;Reis, R. A.;Canesin, R. C.;Pires, A. V.;Berchielli, T. T.
1-Feb-1984outroEffect of cholinergic and adrenergic stimulation of the subfornical organ on water intakeMenani, José Vanderlei;Saad, William A.;Camargo, L. A A;Antunes-Rodrigues, J.;Covian, M. R.
1-Dec-1984outroThe effect of Ketoconazole on experimental paracoccidioidomycosis in the Syrian hamster: immunological and histopathological studyMota, N. G S;Viero, Rosa Marlene;Rezkallah-Iwasso, M. T.;Peraçoli, Maria Terezinha Serrão;Soares, Ângela Maria Victoriano de Campos;Montenegro, M. R.
1-Aug-1996outroHepatogenous photosensitization of ruminants by Brachiaria decumbens and Panicum dichotomiflorum in the absence of sporidesmin: Lithogenic saponins may be responsibleMeagher, Lucy P.;Wilkins, Alistair L.;Miles, Christopher O.;Collin, Roger G.;Fagliari, Jose J.