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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Mar-1997outroDegradabilidade ruminal do amido de silagem de milho, farelo de soja e sorgo grão, em bovinos da raça NeloreRossi Júnior, Paulo;Bose, Max Lázaro Vieira;Boin, Celso;Silva, Aliomar Gabriel da;Wanderley, Ruy da Carvalheira
1-Jul-1997outroEndocrine changes in cerebrospinal fluid, pituitary effluent, and peripheral plasma of anesthetized poniesLuna, Stélio Pacca Loureiro;Taylor, Polly M.;Bloomfield, Malcolm
1-Jul-1997outroEstabilidade física de péletes protegidos por diferentes produtos impermeabilizantesPezzato, Luiz Edivaldo;Moura, Monica Accaui Marcondes;Barros, Margarida Maria;Pezzato, Antonio Celso;Cantelmo, Osmar Angelo
29-Oct-1991outroPharmacological reactivity of rat vas deferens in chronic and subacute lead intoxicationKempinas, W. G.;Pereira, O. C M;Melo, V. R.;Lamano Carvalho, T. L.
15-Oct-1991outroDarwinian fitness in Drosophila. I. Fitness componenets of Drosophila prosaltansCarareto, C. M A C;Mourao, C. A.
17-Jan-1995outroReinforcing properties of fencamfamine: Involvement of dopamine and opioid receptorsDa Silva Planeta, Cleopatra;Aizenstein, Moacyr Luiz;DeLucia, Roberto
1-Feb-1995outroPituitary-adrenal activity and opioid release in ponies during thiopentone/halothane anaesthesiaLuna, Stélio Pacca Loureiro;Taylor, P. M.
1-Oct-1996outroAcute, subchronic and chronic 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) intoxication in ratsPaulino, Celia Aparecida;Guerra, Jose Luiz;Oliveira, Georgino Honorato;Palermo-Neto, Joao
19-Oct-1996outroEvaluation of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis exoantigen in the detection of delayed dermal hypersensitivity in experimental and human paracoccidioidomycosisMarques, M.;Soares, A.;Franco, M.;Camargo, Z. P.;Marques, S.;Memoes, R. P.;Souza, L. R.;Coelho, Kunie Iabuki Rabello
8-Oct-1996outroEffects of intracerebroventricular injections of losartan or PD123319 on arterial pressure and heart rate of sodium replete and sodium deplete ratsDe Luca Jr., Laurival A.;Barbosa, Silas P.;Sugawara, Alexandre M.;Menani, José Vanderlei