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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Mar-2012outroBamboo overabundance alters forest structure and dynamics in the Atlantic Forest hotspotLima, Renato A. F.;Rother, Debora C.;Muler, Ana E.;Lepsch, Igo F.;Rodrigues, Ricardo R.
1-Jul-2007outroAdaptation of the reservoir fish assemblage index (RFAI) for assessing the Barra Bonita Reservoir (São Paulo, Brazil)Petesse, M. L.;Petrere, M.;Spigolon, R. J.
1-Apr-2001outroFactors determining the structure of fish communities in Pantanal lagoons (MS, Brazil)Suarez, Y. R.;Petrere, M.;Catella, A. C.
1-Apr-2001outroSmall-scale fisheries in the middle River Tocantins, Imperatriz (MA), BrazilCetra, M.;Petrere, M.
1-Apr-2001outroSocial and financial aspects of the artisanal fisheries of Middle Sao Francisco River, Minas Gerais, Brazilde Camargo, SAF;Petrere, M.
1-Feb-2004outroFactors regulating diversity and abundance of fish communities in Pantanal lagoons, BrazilSuarez, Y. R.;Junior, M. P.;Catella, A. C.
1-Sep-2003outroOntogenetic diet shifts of a Neotropical catfish, Pimelodus maculatus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae): An ecomorphological approachLima-Junior, S. E.;Goitein, R.
10-Feb-2009outroEffects of bamboo stands on seed rain and seed limitation in a rainforestRother, Debora C.;Rodrigues, Ricardo R.;Pizo, Marco A.
1-Mar-2008outroFactors affecting seed predation of Eriotheca gracipiles (Bombacaceae) by parakeets in a cerrado fragmentFrancisco, Mercival R.;Lunardi, Vitor O.;Guimaraes, Paulo R.;Galetti, Mauro
1-Sep-2004outroGranivorous birds as potentially important post-dispersal seed predators in a Brazilian forest fragmentPizo, M. A.;Vieira, E. M.