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Recent Submissions
Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jan-2005outroStaurogyne rubescens (Aeanthaeeae), a new species from southeastern BrazilBraz, D. M.;Monteiro, R.
1-Mar-2009outroA New Species of Meliosma (Sabiaceae) from Southeastern Brazil and Notes on the GenusLombardi, Julio Antonio
1-Jan-2003outroFish community alterations due to pollution and damming in Tiete and Paranapanema rivers (Brazil)Barrella, W.;Petrere, M.
1-Dec-2002outroMassive seed predation of Pseudobombax grandiflorum (Bombacaceae) by parakeets Brotogeris versicolurus (Psittacidae) in a forest fragment in brazilFrancisco, M. R.;Lunardi, V. D.;Galetti, M.
1-Feb-2005outroNatural and artificially-induced habitat complexity and freshwater fish species compositionFreitas, CEC;Petrere, M.;Barrella, W.
1-Aug-1999outroSpatial distribution of nests of Nasutitermes sp (Isoptera : Termitidae) in a Cerrado area in southeastern BrazilBuschini, MLT
1-Nov-2012outroTendency towards homogenization in fish assemblages in the cascade reservoir system of the Tiete river basin, BrazilPetesse, Maria Letizia;Petrere, Miguel
1-Sep-2006outroFish assemblage structure and aquatic pollution in a Brazilian stream: some limitations of diversity indices and models for environmental impact studiesLima-Junior, S. E.;Cardone, I. B.;Goitein, R.
1-Mar-2009outroSkin diseases in Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) from the Paranagua estuary, Brazil: A possible indicator of a compromised marine environmentVan Bressem, M. -F.;de Oliveira Santos, Marcos Cesar;de Faria Oshima, Julia Emi
1-Jan-2010outroIntegrating species life-history traits and patterns of deforestation in amphibian conservation planningBecker, C. G.;Loyola, R. D.;Haddad, Celio Fernando Baptista;Zamudio, K. R.