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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Mar-2013outroThe presence of black vultures at the calving sites and its effects on cows' and calves' behaviour immediately following parturitionToledo, L. M.;Paranhos Da Costa, M. J R;Schmidek, A.;Jung, J.;Ciryllo, J. N S G;Cromberg, V. U.
1-Mar-2013outroFemale germ cell renewal during the annual reproductive cycle in Ostariophysians fishWildner, Daniel Dantas;Grier, Harry;Quagio-Grassiotto, Irani
1-Mar-2013outroHepatoencephalopathy syndrome due to Cassia occidentalis (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae) seed ingestion in horsesOliveira-Filho, J. P.;Cagnini, D. Q.;Badial, P. R.;Pessoa, M. A.;Del Piero, F.;Borges, Alexandre Secorun
1-Mar-2013outroFoetal echoencephalography and Doppler ultrasonography of the middle cerebral artery in canine foetusesFeliciano, M. A R;Nepomuceno, A. C.;Crivalero, R. M.;Oliveira, M. E F;Coutinho, L. N.;Vicente, W. R R
1-Apr-2013outroCharacterization of the variable cow's age at last calving as a measurement of longevity by using the Kaplan-Meier estimator and the Cox modelCaetano, S. L.;Rosa, G. J M;Savegnago, R. P.;Ramos, S. B.;Bezerra, L. A F;Lôbo, R. B.;De Paz, C. C P;Munari, D. P.
1-Mar-2013outroCarcass and meat quality traits of rabbits under heat stressZeferino, C. P.;Komiyama, C. M.;Fernandes, S.;Sartori, José Roberto;Teixeira, P. S S;Moura, Ana Silvia Alves Meira Tavares
1-Mar-2013outroCanonical WNT signaling regulates development of bovine embryos to the blastocyst stageDenicol, Anna C.;Dobbs, Kyle B.;McLean, Kanyon M.;Carambula, Silvia F.;Loureiro, Barbara;Hansen, Peter J.
1-Mar-2013outroBrachyuran and anomuran crabs associated with Schizoporella unicornis (Ectoprocta, Cheilostomata) from southeastern BrazilAlves, Douglas F.R.;Barros-Alves, Samara de Paiva;Lima, Daniel J.M.;Cobo, Valter J.;Negreiros-Fransozo, Maria Lucia
1-Mar-2013outroCase report: Disseminated Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in a dogMartinho, Anna Paula Vitirito;Franco, Marília Masello Junqueira;Ribeiro, Márcio Garcia;Perrotti, Isabella Belletti Mutt;Mangia, Simone Henriques;Megid, Jane;Vulcano, Luiz Carlos;Lara, Gustavo Henrique Batista;Santos, Adolfo Carlos Barreto;Leite, Clarice Queico Fujimura;Sanches, Osimar de Carvalho;Paes, Antonio Carlos
1-Jun-2013outroEffects of corn replacement by sorghum in broiler diets on performance and intestinal mucosa integrityTorres, K. A. A.;Pizauro, Jr.;Soares, Christiane Pienna;Silva, T. G. A.;Nogueira, W. C. L.;Campos, D. M. B.;Furlan, R. L.;Macari, Marcos