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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-May-1999outroTechniques indicated for preparing parallel tooth surfaces in removable partial dentureCucci, ALM;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo;Pavarina, Ana Claudia;Giampaolo, E. T.
1-May-1999outroDepth cure of resin-modified glass-ionomer and polyacid-modified composite resinsCruz, CAS;Adabo, Gelson Luis
1-May-1998outroVertical dimensional accuracy of metal and composite occlusal surfacesVergani, Carlos Eduardo;Cucci, ALM;Giampaolo, E. T.
1-May-1998outroDimensional stability of hard chairside reline resinsCucci, ALM;Giampaolo, E. T.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
1-May-1999outroParafunctional habits influence on facial pain and TMJ dysfunctionSouza, J. A.;Camparis, Cinara Maria;Buso, L.;Mansur, D. J.
1-May-1999outroStudy of dry heat sterilization effects on Nickel-Titanium wire recyclingAdabo, Gelson Luis;Cruz, CAS
1-Jun-1998outroEffect of management practices on screw-worm among sheep in São Paulo State, BrazilMadeira, N. G.;Amarante, AFT;Padovani, C. R.
1-Oct-1998outroAn improved mouth-piece to prevent environmental contamination during radioaerosol inhalation proceduresBraga, FJHN;Souza, J. F.;Trad, C. S.;Santos, A. C.;Netto, T. G.;Elias, J.;Hindie, E.;Iazigi, N.
1-Sep-1999outroA simple maneuver (M) to improve the sensitivity of gastro-oesophageal reflux (GOR) scintigraphic test.Braga, F. J. H. N.;Miranda, J. R. A.;Moraes, R.;Arbex, M. A.;Haddad, J.
1-May-1998outroTensile strength of acrylic resin strips repaired with hard relinersRached, R. N.;Cucci, ALM;Giampaolo, E. T.;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo