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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Apr-2013outroBone morphology of the hind limbs in two caviomorph rodentsDe Araújo, F. A P;Sesoko, N. F.;Rahal, Sheila Canevese;Teixeira, Carlos Roberto;Müller, T. R.;Machado, M. R F
1-Apr-2013outroInbreeding depression on production and reproduction traits of buffaloes from BrazilMalhado, Carlos Henrique Mendes;Malhado, Ana Claudia Mendes;Carneiro, Paulo Luiz Souza;Ramos, Alcides Amorim;Carrillo, José Adrián;Pala, Akin
1-May-2013outroDetection of post-F1 fish hybrids in broodstock using molecular markers: Approaches for genetic management in aquacultureHashimoto, Diogo Teruo;Prado, Fernanda Dotti do;Senhorini, José Augusto;Foresti, Fausto;Porto-Foresti, Fábio
1-May-2013outroPolymorphisms in the ghrelin gene and their associations with milk yield and quality in water buffaloesGil, F. M M;de Camargo, G. M F;Pablos de Souza, F. R.;Cardoso, D. F.;Fonseca, P. D S;Zetouni, L.;Braz, C. U.;Aspilcueta-Borquis, R. R.;Tonhati, Humberto
24-May-2013outroHesperidin associated with continuous and interval swimming improved biochemical and oxidative biomarkers in ratsde Oliveira, David Michel;Dourado, Grace Kelly Zanotti Simoes;César, Thaís Borges
1-Jun-2013outroEvaluation of von willebrand factor during pregnancy, lactation and oestrous cycle in bitches affected and unaffected by von willebrand diseaseMattoso, Crs;Takahira, Rk;Beier, Sl;Araujo, Jp;Corrente, Je
1-May-2013outroPerformance, survivability and carcass traits of crossbred lambs from five paternal breeds with local hair breed Santa Inês ewesPaim, Tiago do Prado;Da Silva, Alessandra Ferreira;Martins, Rafhael Felipe Saraiva;Borges, Bárbara Oliveira;Lima, Paulo de Mello Tavares;Cardoso, Caio Cesar;Esteves, Geisa Isilda Ferreira;Louvandini, Helder;McManus, Concepta
1-May-2013outroOrbifloxacin: A Review of Properties, Its Antibacterial Activities, Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Characteristics, Therapeutic Use, and Analytical MethodsCazedey, Edith Cristina Laignier;Salgado, Hérida Regina Nunes
1-Jun-2013outroEffect of shade and water sprinkling on physiological responses and milk yields of Holstein cows in a semi-arid regionDomingos, H. G T;Maia, A. S C;Souza, J.B.F;Silva, R. B.;Vieira, F. M C;Silva, R. G.
5-Jun-2013outroGenome-wide association study for backfat thickness in Canchim beef cattle using Random Forest approachMokry, Fabiana Barichello;Higa, Roberto Hiroshi;de Alvarenga Mudadu, Maurício;Oliveira de Lima, Andressa;Meirelles, Sarah Laguna Conceição;Barbosa da Silva, Marcos Vinicius Gualberto;Cardoso, Fernando Flores;Morgado de Oliveira, Maurício;Urbinati, Ismael;Méo Niciura, Simone Cristina;Tullio, Rymer Ramiz;Mello de Alencar, Maurício;Correia de Almeida Regitano, Luciana