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dc.contributor.authorCimini, Daniela-
dc.contributor.authorCameron, Lisa A.-
dc.contributor.authorSalmon, Edward D.-
dc.descriptionPresents Mitotic PtK1 cell microinjected with X-rhodamine-labeled tubulin and Alexa 488-labeled CENP-F antibodies to fluorescently label kinetochore fibers (red) and kinetochores/spindle poles (green), respectively. The movie starts in metaphase and shows sister kinetochore pairs aligned at the metaphase plate and oscillating between the two spindle poles as their respective kinetochore fibers lengthen and shorten. As the cell enters anaphase and the sister chromatids separate, sister kinetochores move away from each other as their kinetochore fibers shorten. However, one of the kinetochores lags behind at the cell equator, thus resulting in a chromosome mis-segregation event known as anaphase lagging chromosome. This type of mis-segregation is the consequence of merotelic kinetochore orientation, a type of kinetochore mis-attachment in which a single kinetochore binds microtubules coming from both spindle poles, rather than just one. The compacted DNA of the chromosome arms excludes the background fluorescence so that chromosome arms appear as dark rod-like structures and the movement of the sister chromatid arms away from each other during anaphase can also be followed-
dc.descriptionComponente Curricular::Educação Superior::Ciências Biológicas::Biologia Geral-
dc.publisherThe American Society for Cell Biology, ASBC Image & Video Library-
dc.relationMitosis Movie Series 5. Meeting in the Middle before Parting Anaphase
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dc.subjectSister kinetochore-
dc.subjectEducação Superior::Ciências Biológicas::Biologia Geral-
dc.titleMeeting in the middle before parting: anaphase lagging [Mitosis movie series; 5]-
dc.description2To show the sister kinetochore pairs aligned at the metaphase plate and oscillating between the two spindle poles-
dc.description3Duration: 9 s. Original video created on November 3, 2003. Original resource provided by Daniela Cimini (Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA). Work conducted at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC. This video was categorizes by the site as: [Mitosis Movie Series: 5]. To visualize this source its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <>-
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