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Sustainability II: the impact of modern agriculture on biodiversity, genetic modification and animal welfare [The Psychology, Biology and politics of food]
Brownell, Kelly D.
  • Educação Superior::Ciências Agrárias::Engenharia Agrícola
  • Educação Superior::Ciências da Saúde::Saúde Coletiva
  • Presents a lecture where Professor Brownell asks whether modern agriculture is environmentally, culturally, and morally sustainable. First, he explores how genetically modified foods both benefit and hinder world sustainability, such as with the case study of BT corn, and contamination to different parts of the environment. Secondly, he discusses the issue of animal welfare and its relationship with sustainability by exploring how modern food conditions encourage the mass production of meat. Arguments for and against the way animals are raised and eaten are also reviewed. Finally, Professor Brownell identifies shrinking biodiversity as a result of the green revolution and highlights current efforts to combat it
Issue Date: 
  • 8-Oct-2008
  • 23-Mar-2010
  • 23-Mar-2010
  • 23-Mar-2010
  • 23-Mar-2010
Yale University, Open Yale Courses
  • Educação Superior::Ciências Agrárias::Engenharia Agrícola::Engenharia de Processamento de Produtos Agrícolas
  • Educação Superior::Ciências da Saúde::Saúde Coletiva::Saúde Publica
  • Food
  • Agriculture
To discuss about genetically modified foods
Duration: 1 h, 13 min, 48 s. To hear this resource its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <>
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