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Renal physiology: part 2 [Frontiers of biomedical engineering]
Saltzman, W. Mark
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  • Presents a lecture by professor Saltzman. He continues his description of nephron anatomy, and the specific role of each part of the nephron in establishing concentration gradients to help in secretion and reabsorption of water, ions, nutrients and wastes. A number of molecular transport processes that produces urine from the initial ultra-filtrate, such as passive diffusion by concentration difference, osmosis, and active transport with sodium-potassium ATPase, are listed. Next, Professor Saltzman describes a method to measure glomerular filtration rate (GFR) using tracer molecule, inulin. He then talks about regulation of sodium, an important ion for cell signaling in the body, as an example to demonstrate the different ways in which nephrons maintain homeostasis
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  • 8-Apr-2010
  • 8-Apr-2010
  • 8-Apr-2010
  • 8-Apr-2010
  • 27-Mar-2008
Yale University, Open Yale Courses
  • Renal physiology
  • Molecular transport
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  • Kidney
To learn about Renal Physiology
Duration: 44 min, 25 s. To hear this resource its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <>
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