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Sonata-allegro form: Mozart and Beethoven [Listening to music]
Wright, Craig
  • Educação Superior::Linguística, Letras e Artes::Artes
  • Presents a class with the professor at Yale, Craig Wright. A brief foray into the formal characteristics of contemporary popular music is used to launch this lecture on musical form. After a discussion of the "verse-chorus" form often used in popular music, Professor Wright proceeds to take students into the realm of classical music, focusing particularly on ternary form and sonata-allegro form. Throughout his detailed explanation of sonata-allegro form, he also elaborates upon some harmonic concepts describing, for example, the relationship between relative major and minor keys. This lecture draws its musical examples from 'N Sync, Mozart, and Beethoven.
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  • 20-May-2010
  • 7-Oct-2008
  • 17-Jul-2010
  • 17-Jul-2010
  • 17-Jul-2010
Yale University, Open Yale Courses
  • Music
  • Classical music
  • Popular music
  • Musical form
  • Educação Superior::Linguística, Letras e Artes::Artes::Instrumentação Musical
  • Educação Superior::Linguística, Letras e Artes::Artes::Música
To learn about topics such as the formal characteristics of music and sonata-allegro form
Duration: 49 min, 19 s. To hear this resource its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <>
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