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Dermatology: a pratical approach to leprosy [RUTE]
Burdick, Anne E.
  • Educação Superior::Ciências da Saúde::Medicina
  • Presents a conference about leprosy with a presentation by Doctor Anne E. Burdick. The lecture begins with the demonstration of a case of a patient with numerous Mycobacterium leprae. Then, Doctor Burdick describes the characteristics, the cell wall and the behaviour of Mycobacterium leprae. She explains what should be asked to a patient in order to identify this disease. Explains that the World Health Organization states that a case of leprosy is only a pacient with leprosy that is on treatment. The way that leprosy was disseminated around the world and the results of genetic studies are presented. The means of transmission, time of incubation, susceptibility to this disease and means of protection are explained. The two polar forms of leprosy spectrum, lepromatous and tuberculoid, are described and exemplified with pictures
Issue Date: 
  • 16-Jun-2010
  • 7-Nov-2008
  • 17-Jun-2010
  • 17-Jun-2010
  • 17-Jun-2010
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. Canal Saúde
  • Educação Superior::Ciências da Saúde::Medicina::Dermatologia
  • Dermatology
  • Leprosy
  • Chronic disease
  • Mycobacterium lepromatosis
  • Hansen's disease
To learn about leprosy and how to diagnose it
Duration: 54 min, 14 s
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