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dc.contributor.authorLopez, Miguel Angel de la Fuente-
dc.contributor.authorBarrio, Manuel Gertrudix-
dc.contributor.authorMoreno, Juan García-
dc.contributor.authorPujato, Carmen Candioti Lopez-
dc.descriptionThe digital animation presents a group of fifteen children who were in a cinema room. They had the option of consuming juice and popcorn. Through Venn diagram, the children are separated into sets as the food consumption available for each cinema room. With the mouse, it is possible to replace the children, while elements of a set, performing union, difference and intersection operations on Venn diagram-
dc.descriptionNotions of set of natural numbers and their operations-
dc.descriptionEnsino Fundamental Final::Matemática-
dc.publisherInstituto Superior de Formación y Recursos en Red para el Profesorado-
dc.relationVenn Diagrams.exe-
dc.rightsThe use of the resources from “Banco de imágenes y sonidos” is universal, free and open, if for non-commercial use and for educational purposes. The actions and products may not generate any profit. Besides that, the references must be made to the source and to the authors of the work. Content protected by Creative Commons License Attribution – Non-Commercial - Share Alike 2.5 Spain-
dc.subjectNumerical set-
dc.subjectVenn diagram-
dc.subjectEducação Básica::Ensino Médio::Matemática::Números e operações-
dc.titleVenn diagram-
dc.titleDiagrama de Venn-
dc.description2To understand the concepts of difference, reunion and intersection of sets from a problem situation, illustrated through Venn Diagram-
dc.description3In order to vizualise the digital animation the user must install the Flash Player. Available at:
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