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  • Consumption of electric energy at home
  • Consumo de energía eléctrica en el hogar
  • Ensino Médio::Física
  • Simulation which presents to the student some concepts of electric energy, such as electric power and energy consumption. The student may modify the power of some devices and supply the time that the devices remain on per day in order to calculate the energy consumption in a month
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  • 30-May-2011
  • 30-May-2011
  • 30-May-2011
  • 19-Mar-2011
Institute of Formation and Resources in Network for Teachers
  • Electric power
  • Educação Básica::Ensino Médio::Física::Equipamentos elétricos e telecomunicações
  • Electric energy
  • Energy consumption
To show how the electric energy consumption is measured
There is also a version of this report in Spanish. This translation was done by Prof. Dr. Ana Maria da Costa Santos Menin and the student Gabriela Alias Horta, reseachers from FCT/Unesp. To visualize this resource, it is necessary to use a browser (such as Internet Explorer ou Mozilla Firefox) with plug-in for swf or Shockwave, Objeto traduzido para o portuguës
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