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dc.contributor.authorNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-
dc.descriptionThe phenomenon of wind-driven upwelling occurs when high coastal winds blow over the ocean surface, pushing warm surface waters offshore and allowing cooler, more nutrient rich water from below to rise up to the surface. This process creates a signature in sea surface temperature (SST) data where cooler water can be seen surrounded by warmer water. Such upwelling zones are visible in this SST data acquired by the NOAA GOES and POES satellites on March 9, 2011-
dc.descriptionEnsino Médio::Geografia-
dc.descriptionEducação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Oceanografia-
dc.publisherNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-
dc.relationCoastal upwelling seen in ocean temperature data.jpg-
dc.rightsAll animations and images accessed through this website are in the public domain and are freely available for reuse. Please credit NOAA, just those four letters, along with any other entities listed in the Copyright section for each resource-
dc.subjectEducação Básica::Ensino Médio::Geografia::Questões ambientais, sociais e econômicas-
dc.subjectEducação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Oceanografia::Oceanografia Física-
dc.subjectOcean temperature-
dc.subjectOcean surface-
dc.subjectWind-driven upwelling-
dc.titleCoastal upwelling seen in ocean temperature data-
dc.description2Show the phenomenon of wind-driven upwelling-
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