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  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Movimiento armónico simple
Blas, Teresa Martín
  • Simulation which allows the student to observe the simple harmonic motion of a spring. Simultaneously to the motion, through graphs, the position, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy and potential energy in function of time are presented. It is possible to vary the oscillation frequency. To produce the motion, it is needed to click on the mass and drag it, in order to separate it from the position of equilibrium
  • Basic notions of vectors, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy and potential energy
  • Ensino Médio::Física
  • Educação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Física
Issue Date: 
  • 21-Apr-2011
  • 30-May-2011
  • 30-May-2011
  • 30-May-2011
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Spain
  • Educação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Física::Física Geral
  • Educação Básica::Ensino Médio::Física::Movimento, variações e conservações
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential energy
  • Simple harmonic motion
To show an example of simple harmonic motion
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