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dc.descriptionEnsino Médio::Língua Estrangeira-
dc.descriptionKim tells the experiences she had while the terrorist attack was happening. As an american living in France, Kim explains how she had to deal with unexpected reactions from some french people after the attacks of september 11th, 2001-
dc.publisherAudio Lingua-
dc.rightsThe audio files can be freely used inside a classroom, graduation, private or family environments; any use or reproduction with advertising or commercial purposes is forbidden. The downloaded mp3 files duplication is authorized in case they are transferred to individual portable recorder devices or to be used in non-commercial intranet private, school and pedagogical environments under the condition of informing the final users about the source The Audio Lingua publishing in other websites is forbidden-
dc.subjectWTC attacks-
dc.subjectEducação Básica::Ensino Médio::Língua Estrangeira::Competência comunicativa: componentes lingüísticos, sociolingüísticos e pragmáticos-
dc.subjectEducação Básica::Ensino Médio::Língua Estrangeira::Competência pluricultural: língua como meio de acesso às manifestações culturais-
dc.subjectAudio Lingua-
dc.subjectEducação Básica::Ensino Médio::Língua Estrangeira::Compreensão oral-
dc.titleMy memories of 9/11 (2/2)-
dc.description2The audio aims to work on listening comprehension with a real situation. It provides an adequate opportunity to improve english language skills and to allow students to get familiar with the culture of the countries in which english is spoken-
dc.description3Running time 00:01:49-
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