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dc.contributor.authorDias, M. M.-
dc.contributor.authorSouza, F. R. P.-
dc.contributor.authorTakada, L.-
dc.contributor.authorFeitosa, F. L. B.-
dc.contributor.authorCosta, R. B.-
dc.contributor.authorDiaz, I. D. P. S.-
dc.contributor.authorCardoso, D. F.-
dc.contributor.authorTonussi, R. L.-
dc.contributor.authorBaldi, F.-
dc.contributor.authorAlbuquerque, L. G.-
dc.contributor.authorOliveira, H. N.-
dc.identifier.citationGenetics And Molecular Research. Ribeirao Preto: Funpec-editora, v. 14, n. 1, p. 234-243, 2015.-
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study was to identify associations between known polymorphisms in genes related to adipose tissue and sexual precocity in Nellore cattle. A total of 1689 precocious and nonprecocious heifers belonging to farms participating in Conexao Delta G breeding program were studied. SNPs from the Illumina High-Density Bovine SNP BeadChip were used. This chip contains 777,000 SNPs located within the region of the candidate genes at a distance of up to 5 kb, considering that linkage disequilibrium (LD) exists at this distance. Linear models were used for statistical analysis. The fastPHASE and GenomeStudio programs were used for haplotype reconstruction and LD analysis based on r(2) statistics. Fifty-seven candidate genes and 443 SNPs were analyzed: among the latter, 370 SNPs formed 83 haplotypes, while the remaining SNPs were studied separately. Statistical analysis showed that only three haplotypes, one haplotype consisting of two SNPs located in the FABP4 gene and two haplotypes consisting of four and two SNPs located in the PPP3CA gene, had a significant effect on sexual precocity at P < 0.05. It can be concluded that the FABP4 and PPP3CA genes influence sexual precocity and may therefore be used in selection programs designed to improve sexual precocity in Nellore cattle.en
dc.description.sponsorshipFundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP)-
dc.description.sponsorshipConselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)-
dc.sourceWeb of Science-
dc.titleStudy of lipid metabolism-related genes as candidate genes of sexual precocity in Nellore cattleen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)-
dc.description.affiliationUnespDepartamento de Zootecnia, Universidade Estadual Paulista ‘‘Júlio de Mesquita Filho’’, Jaboticabal, SP, Brasil-
dc.description.sponsorshipIdFAPESP: 2009/16118-5-
dc.rights.accessRightsAcesso restrito-
dc.relation.ispartofGenetics And Molecular Research-
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