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dc.contributor.authorCorrente, José Eduardo-
dc.contributor.authorFumes, Giovana-
dc.contributor.authorRuiz, Tania-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Life Sciences, v. 7, n. 2, p. 210-218, 2013.-
dc.description.abstractPhysical activity has been scientifically discussed as fundamental in the process of healthy ageing. Hence, this study aimed at determining the factors that influence older people to perform physical activities. The complete IPAQ (International Physical Activity Questionnaire) was applied to a population-based sample consisting of 364 elderly persons in the city of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. Days of physical activity performed by the older people were considered by taking into account household and leisure activities. Models for count data were fitted by including socio-demographic variables as well as those related to life satisfaction. It was shown that housework physical-activity performance is associated with female, who predominantly showed to be more active in all levels. Male seemed to be more predisposed to perform lighter recreation, sports and leisure-time physical activities, such as walking. Additionally, poor schooling showed to be decisive for not performing physical activities both at home and during leisure.en
dc.sourceCurrículo Lattes-
dc.subjectOlder peopleen
dc.subjectPhysical activityen
dc.subjectModels for count dataen
dc.titleFactors associated with physical-activity performance by older individuals in a medium-sized city in São Paulo State, Brazilen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)-
dc.description.affiliationUnespUniversidade Estadual Paulista, Departamento de Bioestatística, Instituto de Biociências de Botucatu-
dc.description.affiliationUnespUniversidade Estadual Paulista, Departamento de Saúde Pública, Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu-
dc.rights.accessRightsAcesso restrito-
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Life Sciences-
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