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dc.contributor.authorBerkovits, N.-
dc.identifier.citationClassical and Quantum Gravity. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 17, n. 5, p. 971-978, 2000.-
dc.description.abstractSigma model actions are constructed for the type II superstring compactified to four-and six-dimensional curved backgrounds which can contain non-vanishing Ramond-Ramond fields. These actions are N = 2 worldsheet superconformally invariant and can be covariantly quantized preserving manifest spacetime supersymmetry. They are constructed using a hybrid Version of superstring variables which combines features of the Ramond-Neveu-Schwarz and Green-Schwarz formalisms. For the AdS(2) x S-2 and AdS(3) x S-3 backgrounds, these actions differ from the classical Green-Schwarz actions by a crucial kinetic term for the fermions. Parts of this work have been done in collaborations with M Bershadsky, T Hauer, W Siegel, C Vafa, E Witten, S Zhukov and B Zwiebach.en
dc.publisherIop Publishing Ltd-
dc.sourceWeb of Science-
dc.titleQuantization of the superstring in Ramond-Ramond backgroundsen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)-
dc.description.affiliationUniv Estadual Paulista, Inst Fis Teor, BR-01405900 São Paulo, Brazil-
dc.description.affiliationUnespUniv Estadual Paulista, Inst Fis Teor, BR-01405900 São Paulo, Brazil-
dc.rights.accessRightsAcesso restrito-
dc.relation.ispartofClassical and Quantum Gravity-
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