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dc.contributor.authorZanardi, Maria Cecília-
dc.contributor.authorShuster, Malcolm D.-
dc.identifier.citationEuropean Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP, n. 403, p. 159-166, 1997.-
dc.description.abstractTwo Kalman-filter formulations are presented for the estimation of spacecraft sensor misalignments from inflight data. In the first the sensor misalignments are part of the filter state variable; in the second the state vector contains only dynamical variables, but the sensitivities of the filter innovations to the misalignments are calculated within the Kalman filter. This procedure permits the misalignments to be estimated in batch mode as well as a much smaller dimension for the Kalman filter state vector. This results not only in a significantly smaller computational burden but also in a smaller sensitivity of the misalignment estimates to outliers in the data. Numerical simulations of the filter performance are presented.en
dc.titleBatch and filter approaches to spacecraft sensor alignment estimationen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)-
dc.contributor.institutionUniversity of Florida-
dc.description.affiliationDepartment of Mathematics Univ. Estadual de São Paulo, 12500-000 Guarantinguetá (SP)-
dc.description.affiliationDept. Aerosp. Eng., Mechanics E. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-6250-
dc.rights.accessRightsAcesso aberto-
dc.relation.ispartofEuropean Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP-
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