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Comparison of the Polar S810i monitor and the ECG for the analysis of heart rate variability in the time and frequency domains
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
  • Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (FAMERP)
Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da UNESP (FUNDUNESP)
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The aim of the present study was to compare heart rate variability (HRV) at rest and during exercise using a temporal series obtained with the Polar S810i monitor and a signal from a LYNX® signal conditioner (BIO EMG 1000 model) with a channel configured for the acquisition of ECG signals. Fifteen healthy subjects aged 20.9 ± 1.4 years were analyzed. The subjects remained at rest for 20 min and performed exercise for another 20 min with the workload selected to achieve 60% of submaximal heart rate. RR series were obtained for each individual with a Polar S810i instrument and with an ECG analyzed with a biological signal conditioner. The HRV indices (rMSSD, pNN50, LFnu, HFnu, and LF/HF) were calculated after signal processing and analysis. The unpaired Student t-test and intraclass correlation coefficient were used for data analysis. No statistically significant differences were observed when comparing the values analyzed by means of the two devices for HRV at rest and during exercise. The intraclass correlation coefficient demonstrated satisfactory correlation between the values obtained by the devices at rest (pNN50 = 0.994; rMSSD = 0.995; LFnu = 0.978; HFnu = 0.978; LF/HF = 0.982) and during exercise (pNN50 = 0.869; rMSSD = 0.929; LFnu = 0.973; HFnu = 0.973; LF/HF = 0.942). The calculation of HRV values by means of temporal series obtained from the Polar S810i instrument appears to be as reliable as those obtained by processing the ECG signal captured with a signal conditioner.
Issue Date: 
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, v. 41, n. 10, p. 854-859, 2008.
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Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica (ABRADIC)
  • Heart rate variability
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Exercise
  • Spectral analysis
  • ECG
  • Polar S810i monitor
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