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dc.contributor.authorAgudelo-Gómez, Divier-
dc.contributor.authorHurtado-Lugo, Naudín-
dc.contributor.authorCerón-Muñoz, Mario F-
dc.identifier.citationRevista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias, v. 22, n. 2, 2009.-
dc.description.abstractNon-linear mathematical functions proposed by Brody, Gompertz, Richards, Bertalanffy and Verhulst were compared in several buffalo production systems in Colombia. Herds were located in three provinces: Antioquia, Caldas, and Cordoba. Growth was better described by the curves proposed by Brody and Gompertz. Using the datasets from herds from Caldas, heritabilities for traits such as weaning weight (WW), weight and maturity at one year of age (WY and MY, respectively), age at 50% and 75% of maturity (A50% and A75%, respectively), adult weight (β0), and other characteristics, were also estimated. Direct and maternal heritabilities for WW were 0.19 and 0.12, respectively. Direct heritabilities for WY, MY, A50%, A75% and β0 were 0.39, 0.15, 0.09, 0.20 and 0.09, respectively. The genetic correlation for β0 and WY was -0.47, indicating that selection for heavy weight at one year of age will lead to lower weight at adult age. These data suggest that selection based on maturity traits can generate changes in characteristics of economic importance in beef-type buffalo farms. © 2012 Universidad de Antioquia.en
dc.subjectGenetic parameters-
dc.subjectNon-linear functions-
dc.subjectTropical production systems-
dc.subjectBubalus bubalis-
dc.titleGrowth curves and genetic parameters in colombian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis Artiodactyla, Bovidae): Curvas de crecimiento y parámetros genéticos en búfalos (Bubalus bubalis Artiodactyla, Bovidae) en Colombiaen
dc.contributor.institutionUniversity of Antioquia-
dc.contributor.institutionLasallista Universitary Corporation-
dc.contributor.institutionUniversidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)-
dc.description.affiliationAnimal Breeding and Genetics Research Group University of Antioquia, Medellín-
dc.description.affiliationCollege of Administrative and Agricultural Sciences Lasallista Universitary Corporation, Caldas-
dc.description.affiliationCollege of Agricultural Sciences University of Antioquia, Medellín-
dc.description.affiliationFCAV UNESP, Jaboticabal, SP, 14884900-
dc.description.affiliationUnespFCAV UNESP, Jaboticabal, SP, 14884900-
dc.rights.accessRightsAcesso aberto-
dc.relation.ispartofRevista Colombiana de Ciências Pecuarias-
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