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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Nov-1998outroGeographic variations in the composition of myotoxins from Bothrops neuwiedi snake venoms: biochemical characterization and biological activityRodrigues, V. M.;Soares, A. M.;Mancin, A. C.;Fontes, MRM;Homsi-Brandeburgo, M. I.;Giglio, JR
1-Jun-1998outroCrystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of S-III-SPIII, a phospholipase A2 isolated from the venom of Bothrops Azevedo, W. F.;Fontes, MRM;Ward, R. J.;Lombardi, F. R.;Cintra, ACO;Giglio, JR;Arni, R. K.
1-Apr-1998outroCrystallization and preliminary x-ray analysis of Parkia pendula lectinLombardi, F. R.;Fontes, MRM;Souza, GMO;Coelho, LCBB;Arni, R. K.;de Azevedo, W. F.
1-Sep-1999outroBone scintigraphy (BS) in testicle tumours (TT).Braga, F. J. H. N.;Arbex, M. A.;Haddad, J.;Moraes, R.;Miranda, J. R. A.
1-May-1998outroBond strength and ductility between silicoated/nonsilicoated veneering resinGiampaolo, E. T.;Cucci, ALM;Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
1-Jan-1998outroQuantitative distribution of gibberellins and indole-acetic acid in pea (Pisum sativum L.) seedlingsOno, E. O.;Nakamura, T.;Rodrigues, J. D.
1-Jan-1999outroUltrastructure and cytochemistry of the pearl gland in Piper regnellii (Piperaceae)da Silva, EMJ;Machado, SR
19-Jun-1998outroFunctional effects of castration on alpha(1)-adrenoceptors in rat vas deferensPupo, A. S.
1-Jan-1998outroRole of sympathetic nervous system in aorta reactivity of stressed and non stressed ratsNavarro-Oliveira, C. M.;Vassilieff, V. S.;Cordellini, S.
1-May-1998outroToxic effect of dental amalgam on development of tooth germsVilarinho, R. H.;Ramalho, LTO;Hetem, S.